Hamamyolu Street

Hamamyolu Caddesi Eskişehir

Hamamyolu Street is a street with important shopping centers and baths located in Eskişehir city ​​center. This region, which is a must for the people of Eskişehir, is quite crowded on Saturdays and weekends. Sometimes it is clicked in the evening hours on weekdays.

Hamamyolu Street starts from Köprübaşı region and extends to Yediler Park. This region was completely closed to traffic in 2009. Along the street, there are bank branches, offices of local and national companies, artisan restaurants and artisans from all sectors. Especially clothing and shoe stores in this region have an important place.

The name of the Hamamyolu region comes from many baths in this region. Currently around fifteen hamlets, most of which are historical monuments, serve here. At the point where the street meets with Köprübaşı, Çukur Çarşı is located on the edge of Porsuk Creek . Reminiscent of the bazaars of the Ottoman period, Lületaşı works and various touristic value products are sold in this market.

Eskişehir has a slightly divided population structure in terms of consumption habits, class factors and modes of production. The Bağlar and Doktorlar Street neighborhoods are located in a way to appeal to students, and this side of the city addresses the people of Eskişehir. The intense young population seen in other parts of Eskişehir is replaced by a slightly older and working population.

Visiting Hamamyolu Street Information

  • Address: Deliklitas Mh., Cd Bath Road, Odunpazarı Eskişehir Turkey
  • Transportation: You can reach one of the tram stops at ulaş Çarşı Cad, yürüyüş Belediye kısa, ından Atatürk Lisesi Ulaşım and take a short walk to Hamamyolu Street.

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