Gordion Ancient City

Ankara Gordion Antik Kenti

The ancient city of Gordion is a historical city, 29 km away from the Polatlı district of Ankara . This place, which has hosted many civilizations, is known to be the capital of the Phrygians. It is not known when this ancient city, which was named after the Phrygian king, began to be used as a settlement. However, only the history of the Phrygians settled in this area. It was discovered before the 9th century.

It is believed that the civilizations settled here in the prehistoric times by the Macedonian city of Gordion. Because the historical artifacts uncovered in the excavations in the city resemble the western culture.

The gate of the historic city is huge, but to this day, only 9 meters has been reached. The gates of the ancient city of Gordion, made of soft limestone, open to a long corridor. In the city there are many buildings belonging to the king family. The cemeteries, which were once again made for the king’s family and the nobility, are among the most noteworthy aspects of the ancient city.

The first archaeological studies on the ancient city were made in 1901. The historical artifacts in the city of Gordion are exhibited in the Istanbul Archeology Museum and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara. Except for these two museums, there are historical artifacts exhibited in the museum which is about 2 km away from the city.

Gordion Antique City Visiting Information

  • Address : Gordion, Polatli Ankara
  • Transportation : Yassıhöyük Village is the nearest settlement of the museum and the ancient city. Yassıhöyük Village is only one km from the ancient city. Away. It is enough to get to the ancient city and to the museum to go to this village. You can easily find the vehicles to Yassıhöyük village from Polatlı.

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