Eskişehir Aviation Museum

Eskişehir Havacılık Müzesi

Eskişehir Aviation Museum or Aviation Park is a park located opposite the Yunus Emre Campus of Anadolu University. In 1998, various types and models of civilian and warplanes can be seen. In the closed museum area, there are pilot clothes, badges, model planes and various aircraft engines.

The museum, which was formed by the 1st Air Supply and Maintenance Command in Eskişehir , was transferred to the university in accordance with the protocol signed between Anadolu University and the command in 2011. Before this date, the museum was under the control of soldiers and the responsibility of visiting the museum.

There are many aircraft in the Eskişehir Aviation Museum. There are also models currently used in these airplanes exhibited in the open area. Among the models used are aircraft such as F-4 Heavy Bomber, C4 Transport Aircraft. However, these planes have been filled and have been restored here after they have been restored.

It was placed next to the entrance with a missile ramp. There is a transport plane that was used as a café before but turned into an office. This aircraft was damaged during the Cyprus War and was given to the museum after the repair. Police helicopters are also used in the open area, and aircraft that have been used for various purposes and have a historical character are also included.

Eskişehir Aviation Museum
Eskişehir Aviation Park

Eskişehir Aviation Museum Visiting Information

  • Address: Yenibağlar Mh. 26170 Eskisehir Turkey
  • Transportation: You can reach the museum by descending the ında Air Museum ında tram stop.
  • Visit Information: Eskişehir Aviation Museum is open for free between 09.00 and 17.00 every day of the week except Monday and Tuesday.

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