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Scotland ‘s capital, Edinburgh , Georgian and medieval architectural features of the structures with the most interesting cities in Europe are among the cities. Edinburgh is a historical and touristic place and is an important cultural city worth visiting with its sightseeing spots waiting to be explored. You can make your trip easier by preparing a list of places to visit in Edinburgh before visiting the city with its many attractions to visit.

List of Attractions in Edinburgh

Intertwined with art, the historical city of Edinburgh manages to attract a large number of tourists every year with its historic castles and streets built on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the magnificent castles built on the rocks. You can find out about the important details of the city by taking advantage of our list of places to visit for the beautiful city with its fascinating historical sites, yararlan Old Town ed and önemli New Town “. In the meantime, you can read detailed information about the accommodation areas in Edinburgh and our hotel recommendations according to any budget where we can stay in Edinburgh .

1. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh Castle), a historic building with touristic importance, is located in the old city center called Edinburgh Old Town Turistik. With its imposing architectural structure and legends about it, you may need to spend a few hours in detail to visit the historical castle. Built in 600 AD for defense purposes, the castle is completely dominated by Edinburgh’s city.

2. Royal Botanic Garden

Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden , founded in 1670 with the aim of ensuring and maintaining the diversity of plants, is one of Edinburgh’s most popular tourist attractions. Tens of thousands of live plant species and thousands of herbs in the herbarium in the giant garden can see how fast the time passes.

3. Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace Edinburgh

The Holyrood Palace (Holyrood Palace), the official residence of the British royal family in Scotland, has been hosting official official invitations and ceremonies since the 16th century. The public palace in the southern part of the Royal Mile is on the top of the list of places to visit in Edinburgh.

4. Scott Monument

Scott Monument Edinburgh - History and culture

Due to its height, the Scott Monument, where you can watch the panoramic views of Edinburgh and its surroundings, stands out with its glamorous Gothic architecture. The world’s largest writer monument, built in 1840 , the Scott Monument on the statue has 68 figurines. During your trip to Edinburgh, you can examine the Scott Monument in Princes Street Garden in detail and sign unique frames.

5. St Giles Cathedral

Things to Do in Edinburgh

St Giles Cathedral (St Giles Cathedral), one of the historical buildings that emphasize the city’s famous skyline, attracts a great deal of attention by tourists with its unique architecture and bell tower. The cathedral, which was restored in the 19th century and reached to the present day, has been one of the religious focal points of the city for approximately 900 years. If you want to learn about Scotland’s religious culture and want to see the architectural features of the cathedral closer, you can visit the historic building.

6. Royal Mile (Royal Road)

Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Royal Mile, which starts from the Edingburgh Castle and continues to the Holyrood Palace, is considered to be one of the most important attractions of the old town. If you walk along the Royal Way which has a very colorful atmosphere, you can get the chance to listen to the street performer and watch the performances.

7. National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland Edinburgh

The National Museum of Scotland, which shows the change that Scotland has undergone from past to present, is an important museum you can visit for free. animasyon gösterileri ve interaktif sergiler sayesinde keyifli vakit geçirebilirsiniz. You can have fun with the animation shows and interactive exhibitions performed in the museum .

8. Princess Street

Things to do in Edinburgh Princess Street

Princess Street , Edinburgh’s main street, is located in the southernmost part of the ” New Town “ district. You can usually reach the street where private vehicles are not allowed to enter by using public transportation. From Princess Street you can see the old city center and Edinburgh Castle from a wide angle. You can also visit the world famous shops on the street and shop.

9. Calton Hill

Edinburgh Attractions Calton Hill

Located in the eastern part of Edinburgh Street, Princess Street, Calton Hill is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hill in the center of the city is often preferred by travelers to watch the city view and take pictures.

10. Holyrood Park

Holyrood Park Edinburgh

Holyrood Park , located in the east of Edinburgh Castle, is located on a land of 650 acres. The Royal Park, which was used as a hunting area in the 12th century and located on a mountainous terrain, consists of many hills and basalt cliffs. Arther Seat, the main summit of the hills that make up the Holyrood Park, is a perfect sight. If you’d like to get away from the noise of the city, you can add the park to your list of places to visit in Edinburgh.

11. Mary King’s Close

Mary King's Close Edinburgh

Offering a great experience for those who want to learn about the old Edinburgh area, Mary King’s Close is striking with ghost and murder stories. Mary King’s Close, which is built of underground houses and streets, is one of the tourist spots to be seen with its spooky and interesting atmosphere.

12. Rosslyn Chapel (Rosslyn Chapel)

Rosslyn Chapel Edinburgh Attractions

Rosslyn Chapel , a 15th century chapel, attracts attention with its gothic architecture. You can stroll through the Rosslyn Chapel, a stone building, decorative elements, stained glass and a corner worth seeing.

13. Scottish National Gallery

National Museum of Scotland Edinburgh

The Scottish National Gallery , which opened to the public in 1859 , is located in the center of Edinburgh. Scotland’s national art gallery offers art collections of both Scotland and different nations. You can see the masterpieces of famous artists such as Van Dyck and Jacopo Bassano in the Scottish National Gallery, which has a neoclassical style of architecture.

14. Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat , the main summit of the hills that make up a large part of Holyrood Park, is one of the most popular places in Edinburgh. You can give it a chance to go to Edinburgh on the famous hill where you can rock climb and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

15. The Edinburgh Dungeon

The Edinburgh Dungeon Edinburgh - History and culture

Offering an exciting experience, The Edinburgh Dungeon allows you to travel in history. With special effects, spectacular talented theater actors, scenes and stage shows, you can have fun and fearful moments thanks to the fascinating and unique events. If you have an adequate level of English, you can have fun here by adding this to your list of places to visit in Edinburgh.

Other places to visit in Edinburgh

Throughout the article, we provided information about places to add to your Edinburgh list of places in the first place. If you have enough time on your trip to Edinburgh, you can add the following places to your trip list:

Edinburgh Zoo , Scottish National Portrait Gallery, British Royal Monument , Greyfriars Bobby Statue, HMY Britannia , The Royal Yacht Britannia, Scottish National Gallery , Blair Tower, Craigmillar Castle , Edinburgh Science Center, National Library of Scotland and Museum of Childhood.

Where to stay in Edinburgh

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yazısı boyunca şehirde gezip görmeniz gereken en önemli yerler hakkında bilgiler paylaştım, umarım faydalı olur. I’ve shared information about the most important places to visit and see in the city during the Edinburgh tour. Have a good holiday already!

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