Cheap and Central Hotel Advice in Paris: 3 ★ Libertel Gare de Nord Suede

Recently, the France ‘s beautiful capital city of Paris ‘ e If you are planning a trip and not participating in this round are always the way I have recommended me as well, as an individual do if you Need 2 basic information about the city; 1 . Where to stay in Paris 2 . How to get from Paris Airport to city center ? The answer to these questions was explained in detail on the relevant pages. I’ve prepared this article for those who want more cheap Paris hotel advice . When you say ece cheap ece, you will not immediately come to your mind, but rather a hotel with small, clean, high visitors.

I did my last Paris trip during my mini European tour. Since I will see many different cities throughout the mini tour, it was important for me that the hotels I will stay in are not very expensive. Of course, the hotel’s location, visitor points, cleanliness was very important for me. Research with 8.4 points out of 10 in 1400 as a result of the evaluation results at, 3-star Libertel Gare de Nord Suede I decided to leave the hotel and I was pleased with the money paid by the hotel. After traveling, I decided to prepare this article for those looking for cheap hotel advice in Paris. Let’s go to the details of Paris cheap hotel without extending m

1. Location of Libertel Gare de Nord Suede

cheap quality hotel advice in paris

The location was the biggest reason for me to pick my 3 star resort. Located just 200 meters from Gare de Nord , one of the main train stations in Paris, this hotel’s location will be of great use for your journey. First of all, the RER trains, which reach the center from Charles de Gaulle Airport , arrive. So if you plan to reach the center by using the RER train we have introduced in Paris Airport city center transportation , this is probably the stop of the stop. If you are going to stay in a different hotel in the city you will need to transfer from this point by metro or bus etc. If you stay in this hotel you can enter your room and walk to your room for 5 minutes. So you don’t have to travel there with suitcases from there.

The second issue is the train transportation which is important in my trip. I went to Brussels from Paris and then to Amsterdam . For this reason, I used trains which provide transportation between Paris and Brussels. Gare du Nord is next to the hotel ; Train to the major European cities such as Brussels, Amsterdam and London.

The 3rd issue is urban transportation . As we mentioned in our guidebook for city transportation in Paris , there are many transportation options such as metro , RER and bus . Normally the backbone of transport is the Paris metro, but one of the biggest advantages of this hotel is the bus stop right in front of it. This stop on places to visit in Paris, the most important stop of our list Champs Elysees or Montmartre (Artists) Hill ‘single line through what is within easy reach. So you can walk to the metro station, get rid of a few thousand people and get there quickly. (Note: You can also buy your ticket from the driver.) Besides, if the tourist hop on hop off Paris bus of riding the bus if you plan to have 2 stop near the hotel. Somebody already in front of the station.

Finally, the other train station of the city, Gare de l’Est , is 650 meters from the property, but you will probably never use it. Perhaps the surrounding subway stops are useful.

2. Overnight Room Price

paris Hotel Deals

Let’s come to the most important issue, the hotel room rate per night. I stayed at this hotel in August , so it was the busiest season of the season. Despite the fact that I paid 85 Euros per night including breakfast in Paris, I paid a very reasonable number in Paris. This price included 10% VAT but not included in the city tax for 1.65 euros per person per night. If you intend to stay in this property which is one of the best price-benefit hotels in Paris, you can make your reservation from, etc. in the form of iste can not be canceled ler etc. and you can make 5-10 euros per night.

3. Hotel Rooms

paris cheap and clean hotel rooms

Let me write in advance; I’ve added this hotel to Paris as a cheap hotel recommendation. But the facility is cheap though clean and nicely decorated. Room types: Comfort Double Room (10 m²), Superior Double Room (11 m²), Double Club Room (14 m²), Family Room for 3 (17 m²) and Cozy Single Room (8 m²).

As you can see, the room sizes are a bit small but believe these are Paris standards. A room of 10-15 m2 in Paris is considered a standard size. If you have problems with staying in small rooms, you can choose a slightly larger type of room.

The hotel rooms are very modern decorated despite the size, the bathroom is clean. The only negative criticism is the bathroom door. The bathroom door was the sliding door instead of the standard door, which I didn’t like, but for me it was not the only drawback for an economic room of 10 m². I’ve already used the room only for the night. The situation in large size rooms instead of standard rooms may be different already.

4. Breakfast

Libertel Gare de Nord Suede Paris

Breakfast is served as a buffet on the lower floor. Although the definition is bur buffet iniz, keep your expectations to a minimum because this is an economical hotel. Still for breakfast; boiled eggs, corn flakes, fat-jam, croissants, coffee as standard and you can find enough food by me. It is cheaper if you set your accommodation type to ars breakfast included Konaklama. If you choose 10 except breakfast ist and you want to make your breakfast here, the fee is 10 Euro per person per day. This figure is definitely not worth this breakfast. So either set up the şey breakfast included da accommodation or have something to eat outside.

When I walk out of the hotel for 5 min, there is a fast food restaurant called Subway in front of the Gare du Nord station. For those who don’t know, this is a place where you can prepare your own sandwich, and you choose all the ingredients that will be put into the bread type. It’s up to you to be either succulent or vegetarian type. Here you can have a very nice breakfast at more affordable prices.

5. Opportunities

cheap hotels in paris

Although the hotel is small, certain standards are offered to its guests. The rooms are small but quite modern, with standard equipment such as a flat-screen TV, air conditioning. Free wifi can be the most useful thing for you. Other facilities include tea, coffee and free toiletries. One of the most useful things in the hotel where the elevator is located is the free safety room . If you arrive in the city outside our check in / out hours, you can start your journey by leaving your suitcase here.

6. Alternative Hotels

If this hotel does not lie in your head, if you cannot find a place or if you see the prices that are much higher than the numbers I mentioned, stay in Paris and take a look at our guide in Paris . In these articles, all the places where you can stay in Paris are explained in detail for each budget.

7. Conclusion

In a nutshell I chose this hotel based on criteria such as location, price, cleanliness and visitor rating. In the season Paris is really a very reasonable figure of 85 euros for double room including breakfast in one of Europe’s most tourist cities. Therefore, according to the price I paid I was very satisfied with the facility. Of course, if you are not troubled in your budget, you can stay in more beautiful and more central places by paying slightly higher numbers. If you have such an opinion, please click on the article links in the yazı Alternative Hotels ünde section.

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