Brugge Canal Tour Information

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Brugge , located in the Flemish Region in the north of Belgium , is one of the few European cities that has been able to carry the city texture from the Middle Ages to the present. The 12th century canal network allowed the city to become an important trade center in the past. Today, with its historical buildings around, Brugge has become one of the popular tourist destinations. There is only one way to enjoy the unique beauties of these canals in the heart of the city: Brugge canal tour .

Brugge Canal Tour Information

Brugge is a city that has received the title of “ Venice of the North ” because of its beauty. After losing interest in the city’s commercial importance diminished, channels that play a leading role in the transformation into one of Europe’s popular tourism destinations, it was built in 1128 year. After their opening, they facilitated both the construction of the city and the development of the international trade network.

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From the first day of March to mid-November, canal tours are held every day of the week from 10:00 until 18:00 in the morning. The last departure time is 17.30 . During the trip, information is provided by the guide both in French and in English.

The most important feature of the boat tour is the opportunity to observe the city’s important buildings and social life from different angles. During the canal tour in Brugge , which has preserved the medieval texture until today, you can see historical bridges, architectural beauties and religious buildings and museums.

Brugge Canal Tour Starting Point

brugge canal tour start
As you can see from the map, the starting point for my tour was a place in the heart of the city.

In Brugge you can see that there are many tour starting points when you travel through the canal. I started the channel tour from the point shown above. This is a market place just a few minutes from the city center, such as Market Square. Click if you want to review the map on Google Maps or on your phone.

Highlights During the Brugge Canal Tour

The first buildings that attracted my attention during the intertwined tour of the city were the bridges connecting the two sides of the city. The most famous of these buildings, where people walk by bikes or on foot, create vivid images . Boniface Bridge .

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At the end of the Spiegelrei Canal you will see the Jan van Eyckplein Square . Van Eyck and Tolhuis Statues adorned with the long tower on the back side of this square will attract your attention with the structure used by traders in the past Pootersloge .

Minnewater is the quietest part of the tour, which is close to St. Salvator Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady , with the swans and ducks occupying the banks.

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The main channel Dijver , which passes through the city center, is surrounded by the beauty of their architecture and the places that attract attention with the cultural values ​​they contain. The country’s most famous museum in the field of fine arts, Groeninge , is located on this canal. Brugge Police Station , the Arenthuis Museum , the College of Europe and the Spanish House architectures. Even if you look carefully at the antique shop’s window, you can see the Statue of Marilyn Monroe .

Brugge Boat Trip Deals

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8 Euro per person is requested for canal tour with boat. Brugge canal tour prices have been quite reasonable for me, as the 30-minute trip reveals a lot of beauty that cannot be seen through the pedestrian paths.

Things to Watch for Brugge Canal Tour

What to do in Brugge

The canal tour with swans and ducks is carried out through small, open-top boats. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the weather and to choose clothes. If the weather is cool and closed, you should have a long-sleeved jacket with you. The combination of umbrellas and raincoats is the most effective solution for rainy weather. Also, make sure to take your camera with you to immortalize the beautiful landscapes that you will encounter when you are traveling by boat.

Brugge Channel Tour Video

If you want to watch the full tour video I took during Brugge channel tour;

What You Can Do After a Boat Trip in Brugge

After the Brugge canal tour, you can first sit in the cafes and restaurants around the canals. The most consumed street flavors are boiled mussels-french fries, while waffles and chocolates stand out as dessert.

Brugge Canal Tour Experience Özet

brugge channel tour experience blog

In summary, if you want to live this popular city of Belgium , join the canal tours. Moreover, I think the figure is reasonable for Europe. Time is more than enough. Compared to the Amsterdam canal tour and the Gent canal tour , I can say that Brugge canal tours are also very enjoyable. If you are going to the Brugge canal tour, especially in the summer months, make sure to plan and plan your time. In other words, if the canal tour lasts for half an hour, you may need to wait at least half an hour – 1 hour in order for the boats to rank.

In addition to the Brugge canal tour, you can take a stroll through the quiet streets of Brugge and visit the sights on the land. You can find detailed information about these places in the article titled um Places to Visit in Brugge Bu. Finally, where to stay in Brugge for general information on accommodation in Brugge and our hotel recommendations ? You can read our article.

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