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The capital of Bern , where you can feel the enchanting atmosphere of the Middle Ages, is located on the outskirts of the Swiss Alps , where the popular ski resorts are located. With its unique natural beauty, Bern owes its wealth in terms of sight- seeing activities to the expansion work carried out under the leadership of Duke 5. Berthold .

List of Restaurants in Bern

The city of Bern, which has an excellent structure like other cities of Switzerland in terms of urbanism, almost all of its accommodation facilities and sightseeing areas are located in the Old City . It is therefore possible to explore the popular areas of the city on foot. Apart from walking, you can easily reach any place by using the tools such as bicycles, trains, trams and buses.

1. Old town (Altstadt)

bern Attractions

The Old Town (Altstadt), which is the first city in the list of places to visit in Bern, is home to structures built between the 12th and 15th centuries. Located on a hill surrounded by the Aare River on 3 sides, the residential area, despite the great fire in 1405 , managed to maintain its characteristic. Bern Cathedral , Clock Tower and Parliament Building are the main buildings that I would recommend you to see in the old settlement of Bern, which has become the current look of the city with the expansion works that have been realized with the successful urbanization projects.

2. Bern Cathedral (Berner Münster)

Bern Cathedral

The Bern Cathedral (Berner Münster) in the south of the Old City   The construction process started in 1421 and ended in 1893 when the tower was completed. 100 meters long tower of the tower, which is the highest in the area of ​​the country’s north of the city’s famous street Münstergasse stretched; Munsterplatz west, in the south Münsterplatform. Do not enter the top of the tower for a small fee and do not enter into the religious building where you can see the magnificent view of the city and its surroundings without carefully examining the doomsday description surrounding the door.

3. Swiss Parliament Building (Bundeshaus)


The Swiss Parliament Building (Bundeshaus), designed by the architect Hans Auer , was introduced in 1092 . The two pillars of the structure, where the National Council and the State Council are held, host government units and a library. The most interesting point of the Swiss Federal Palace is the state emblem under the dome of the inner height of 33 meters. In the vicinity of the Arman, the building was completed in 1902 and the 22 cantons had smaller coats of arms.

4. Clock Tower (Zytglogge)

bern attractions - Clock Tower

The Clock Tower (Zytglogge), with an astronomical clock on it, was used as the west gate from 1151 to 1256 , when the Old Town, the first settlement of the city, was founded. More than 800 years after its construction, the building, which retains its original appearance thanks to renovation and renovation works, attracts attention with its Gothic-styled wooden decorations. Also, the dials of the tower clock have different visual elements.

5. Bern History Museum

bern Attractions Bern History Museums

The Bernishes Historishes Museum in Helvetiaplatz, where history enthusiasts can add to the list of places to visit in Bern , was opened in 1894 . The Neuchâtel-born architect Andre Lambert features a collection of over 500,000 items, a museum designed by 15th and 16th century castles. When you visit the cultural facility, you can check the parts collected from Bern and its surroundings from the prehistoric period to the present. In the permanent collection, there is a section that includes works from Asia, Oceania, America and the Ancient Egyptian period, which sheds light on Einstein’s life and work.

6. Paul Klee Gallery

Bern attractions Paul Klee Gallery

The Paul Klee Gallery (Zentrum Paul Klee), opened in 2005, exhibits a collection of 4000 works produced by the Bernit artist Paul Klee from 1879-1940 . The design of the modern-looking building is designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano as well as the permanent exhibition and the works of other Swiss painters are being presented to the art lovers temporarily. The museum also has a rich calendar for interactive shows and music events.

7. Prison Tower (Kafigturm)

Places to visit in bern prison Prison Tower

Prison Tower (Kafigturm), which is one of the most interesting buildings of the old settlement of Bern, was first built as a gate in 1256 during the second time the city was expanded. In 1640 , the first tower was destroyed by the decision of the city council and the new one was erected in the period between 1641-1644 . In the past, the early Baroque-style tower, where criminal women were held to serve their sentences, is now home to political sessions and cultural events. Don’t forget to see the Anna Seiler Fountain at the back of the building.

8. Einstein House (Einsteinhaus)

bern einstein house

Considered the beginning of modern physics and consists of 4 article “Miracle Year” is the work exhibited by Einstein House (Einsteinhaus) is located in the building number 49 on Kramgasse. The apartment on the second floor, where the world famous physicist with his wife and child lived between 1903 and 1905 , is protected in accordance with the original to reflect the lifestyle of the valuable scientist to the visitors. On the third floor of the building, you can examine Einstein’s biography and his works. A larger collection of Einstein, one of the most important figures in the history of humanity, is on display at the Museum of History in Bern .

9. Museum of Fine Arts

bern Museum of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Museum, the oldest in the area of Switzerland (Museum of Fine Arts, Kunstmuseum), founded in 1879. Thanks to its collection from the Middle Ages to the present day, the museum hosts more than 3,000 paintings, including the works of Klee , Picasso and Oppenheim , in the museum, which places itself in the list of places to visit in Bern. The cultural facility, which is located in the historic Stettler Building , also has close to 48,000 drawings, prints, photographs and films.

10. Bear Park

bern bear park

Bear Park, which started to accept visitors in 2009 after the first facility opened in 1857 for keeping the bears was closed due to bad conditions, is located on the banks of the Aare River. The facility where brown bears, symbolized by the city and its cantons, is designed to be very close to the natural environment of the animals. The tunnel in the park kept the bears open for a while to switch to the first facility to the east of the Old Town. However, when the charming inhabitants of the park did not use Finn , Ursina and Berna , the passage was offered to the people who wanted to reach the shops and the venue.

11. Parliament Square

bern attractions - Parliament Square

The Parliament Square (Bundesplatz), which is part of the Inner New City, which began in 1255 and was the result of the second enlargement that ended in 1260 , is in front of the Parliament Building, also known as the Swiss Federal Palace . For this reason, an open market is established where you can shop in the square, which is used as a gathering area for political demonstrations. If you visit the square from mid-October to the end of November, at 19.00 or 20.30 in the evening, you can watch the 20-minute light show at the front of the palace.

12. Zoo

bern Zoo

Zoo (Tierpark Dahlhölzli) with Bear Park ; is located on the banks of the river, close to the Old Town. The natural life park in the beech forest hosts about 3000 animals of about 200 different species. The resort, which has become a stopover point for families with recreational areas for children, is able to visit all the sections except vivarium and other areas beyond.

13. Marktgasse

bern Marktgasse

The Marktgasse , extending from the West Prison Tower to the east Clock Tower, is part of the Inner City, just like the Parliament Square. The street, which forms the most important shopping areas of the city with Spitalgasse , draws attention with the richness of the eating and drinking areas. In the squares above the road you can choose for accommodation, markets are set up to sell fresh agricultural products on certain days of the week. It has the ideal atmosphere for taking photos, shopping and gastronomy.

14. Matte

bern matte

Matte , located in the south east of Aare Peninsula, has long been known for its workshops and commercial activities since the Middle Ages. The village, where there are 3 water canals made by human hands, is now on the list of places to visit in Bern because of its peaceful environment. You can visit the area for walking, taking photos or having a picnic. To go back to the Old Town, you can use the world’s steepest tram line.

If you have enough time in Bern, you can add the following points to your list of Bern attractions; Bear Ditch , Spitalgasse, Bern Botanical Garden, Untertorbrücke Bridge , Swiss Alpine Museum, Garten , Kornhaus Platz, Zahring Fountain , Bern Theater, Holy Ghost Church , Child Easter Fountain, Egelsee and Kramgasse .

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Things to do in Bern this way. I wish you a fun trip in Bern, the 4th largest city in Switzerland, a good holiday!

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