Arslanhane Mosque

Arslanhane Camii Ankara

Arslanhane Mosque is one of the most important historical buildings of Ankara during the Seljuk period. It reflects the architectural features of the period very well. The mosque was known as Ahi Şerafettin Mosque because it was restored by Ahi Şerafettin in the years between 1289 and 1290.

The mosque has a very simple appearance. The ceiling is made of wood and is flat. Its roof is covered with lead. However, its niche is covered with light blue tiles. All of these tiles were built with Seljuk workmanship. Both sides of the Arslanhane Mosque are supported with columns. These columns are completely wooden. The pulpit of the mosque is made of walnut.

Arslanhane Mosque is a three-door mosque. These doors face three directions: North, South and West. The building is illuminated with twelve windows. One of the most remarkable aspects of the mosque is the stones used during the construction. Some of the stones used during the construction of the mosque remains from the structures of older civilizations. Arslanhane Mosque takes its name from the stones of this lion motif. These stones, which are known to belong to Roman and Byzantine structures, have lion motifs. The civilizations that lived in Ankara and its surroundings were very often used for lion statues and motifs.

There are ten tombs in front of the Arslanhane Mosque. One of the people living in the tomb is Ahi Şerafettin, who has contributed a lot to the structure. The tomb is named after Ahi Şerafettin. You can add this famous mosque of your city to your list of .

Visit Information

  • Address: Kale Mahallesi Altindag, Ankara
  • Transportation: The historical mosque is very close to Ulus. It will take ten minutes to reach the mosque by walking from Youth Park in Ulus.

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