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Amasra , which dates back to 3,000 years ago, is a very special settlement where the natural beauties of the Western Black Sea are integrated with historical monuments. I have compiled for you the list of places to visit in Amasra when you go to this beautiful town of Bartın , where most of the visitors are admired from the first moment.

Amasra Attractions List

With its proximity to two major metropolitan areas such as Istanbul and Ankara , Amasra can be visited every season, except in the winter months when the temperature drops. You can choose from a wide range of hotels and boarding options for your stay, as well as camping, where you can enjoy the unique nature of the area. In the meantime, where to stay in Amasra for general information on accommodation and hotel recommendations in Amasra? You can read our article.

1. Amasra Museum

Amasra Museum
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Amasra Museum , first started in 1955 in a small room of the city hall. The museum that I introduced to you in the first day of the list of places to visit in Amasra was shed light on the history of the district, and upon the increase of the need, the building was started in 1884 by Ismail Kemal Bey , the Governor of Bolu. however, it was moved to the Naval School building. In the 2 archaeological halls of the museum, which has hosted the visitors in this building since 1982 , Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Genoese artifacts were exhibited.

2. Amasra Castle

Amasra Attractions Amasra Castle
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Amasra Castle , which was built during the Byzantine period, consists of 2 parts, namely di Sormagir gir in Boztepe, which was formerly an island, and iden Dungeon deki in Amasra. Due to the landscape, the military structure is widely visited by travelers coming to the district due to its landscape. During your visit to the ruins of the fortress, you can examine the religious structure of the Genoese, converted into a mosque during the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror .

3. Georgian cave

Amasra Georgian cave
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Nature park status in Gürcüoluk Cave, İnpir village 12 kilometers away from the town center Amasra ‘in taking place. The cave has a length of 159 meters and consists of 36 chambers. With the work carried out in 2007, there are safe spaces and lighting areas; With organ patterned walls, dripstones, stalagmites and plants formed on these stalagmites, nature lovers must become a place to visit.

4. Göldere Waterfall

Things to Do in Amasra Goldere Waterfall
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Another place I can recommend for nature lovers is Göldere Waterfall , which is 7 kilometers away from Karaman Village . There is an area where you can set up a camp near the natural beauty that you can reach by following a rugged path extending between the forests. Surrounded by nature, you will find the environment to provide a peaceful and peaceful hours, especially the sunset at the waterfall to enjoy the beautiful scenery offers. Also, if you are in search of adventure, you can leave yourself to the cold waters of the waterfall from where it is poured.

5. Amasra Beaches

Amasra Attractions Amasra Beaches

In addition to its history and culture, it is another feature of the district that will give you a holiday experience. Because Amasra beaches , which are spread over an area of ​​100 kilometers, are not at all low in the west and in the south. You can choose the beaches in Küçük Liman and Büyük Liman regions close to the district center; However, the region’s prominent places to enter the sea are Çakraz , Bozköy , Akkonak and İnkumu . Moreover, the coves around Amasra can be easily reached by tour boats.

6. Weeping Tree

Amasra Weeping Tree
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Located in Boztepe , which connects to Amasra by the bridge, weeping tree in the tea garden underneath gives you the opportunity to sip your drink with a delightful view. The biggest feature of the cypress tree, which is estimated to be between 300-350 years old, is to collect the moisture it receives from the sea and air, and then to leave the accumulated moisture out of its leaves. While waiting for this b crying ağ event that happened 3 or 5 times in the period between April and May, you can watch the cute creatures in Rabbit Island with the binoculars you will rent.

7. Attractive Bazaar

Amasra Tractor's Market
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Local tradesmen, who have survived the tradition of Amasra ‘s wood carving dating back centuries, offer the handcrafted products they produce to the holidaymakers in the shops of Çekiciler Bazaar . For this tradition, which is also lived in the surrounding villages, alder, linden, boxwood, ash, walnut and cherry trees are used. While visiting the bazaar, which is quite exotic, you can easily correspond to the original plate, painting, pictures and figures.

8. Genoa Castle

Places to see in Amasra Genoa Castle
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Taking steps you can reach the Grand Harbor side in Genoa Castle where you can see the family coat of arms of the county in the past been dominated by the main gate, it’s in Amasra Castle. The building, which was used as an inner fortress during the time it was first built, was converted into a castle by the Genoese. The building deserves to be visited due to its historical importance even though it is in ruins today.

9. Rabbit Island

Amasra Rabbit Island

Located right across the Kemere Bridge , which connects Boztepe to the mainland, Rabbit Island has been embraced by many civilizations in the past even though it is silent at the moment. As a result of the studies on the island where you can reach the boat tours or swim easily, a monastery was found. North of the island where you can watch the exquisite sunsets while feeding the rabbits is a cave with a length of 70 meters.

10. Kuşkayası Road Monument

Things to do in Amasra Kuskayasi Yol Monument

You can add Kuşkayası Road Monument on the village of Embed Village to your list of places to visit in Amasra. Roman era historical artifacts indicated that the only way the monument was built in Anatolia, 41-54 years of Emperor Claudius time Tiberus Germanious lifetime appointed Governor of Pontus built by Gaius Julius Aguila. The work, which was carved out with the technique of olarak Middle Relief “, was used as an area where Roman soldiers were rested and water needs were solved for a long time after completion.

11. Mast Rock

Things to Do in Amasra

Direkli Kaya , which is known to have been built during the period when the district was ruled by the Genoese, is now in the small harbor . The main task is to illuminate the sea and watch the building; It consists of a 7-meter-tall tower, a sea-connected pool, steps carved into the rock and a marble pier. History enthusiasts can attract the attention of the scaffolding, Amasra’da is considered to be one of the best views of the sunset.

12. Kemerdere Bridge

Things to Do in Amasra Kemerdere Bridge
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Kemerdere Bridge , located in Cevizlik Valley , which is 3 kilometers from Amasra, was built as part of the road network during the reign of the Roman Emperor Cladius . There are reliefs depicting the struggle of 7 soldiers with spears in the war between Rome and Pontus .

13. Cakraz Beach

Amasra Cakraz Beach

Located just 20 minutes from the town center, Çakraz Beach is one of the most preferred beaches of the region with its lush nature and turquoise sea. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, there are many facilities where you can enjoy the quiet village life around the beach, which is also suitable for sailing, extreme sports and fishing. You can reach the region which has unique views of the Black Sea by the boats you will rent from the district outside the highway.

14. Little Church

Amasra Little Church
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The small church in the fortress was built in the 9th century using a brick-stone braiding system. The church, which attracts attention with its special patterns and frescoes on its windows that can hardly reach today, has been converted into a mosque in the 15th century when the Ottoman period was lived. The historical building, which was closed to worship in 1930 , was put into service under the name of Am Culture and Art House Müz after the restoration work carried out by Amasra Museum in 2002.

15. Edhem Aga Mansion

Things to Do in Amasra Edhem Aga Mansion
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At the end of the list of places to visit in Amasra, the first Muslim capitalist who came from Montenegro to the county and opened the coal mine was the Edhem Aga Mansion , which is known by his name. The construction of the mansion, built by Edhem Aga in Istanbul after the construction of large amounts of fortune and built by the masters coming from Safranbolu , was completed between 1887-1889 . The house is one of the successful examples of Turkish Ampiri style.

I shared information and photos about the most important points you should visit and see in the region. If you don’t have time problems on your visit to Amasra, you can also add the following points to your trip list: Bedesten , Fatih Mosque, Galla Market , Incar, Perforated Chile , Bakacak Mevkii, Kapısuyu Beach and Güzelcehisar.

Where to stay in Amasra?

Where to stay in Amasrada
The Northdoor Hotel is a nice choice for your stay in Amasra.

For your stay in Amasra , you can take a look at the Northdoor Hotel , Amasra Ceylin Bed & Breakfast , Seçil Pension , Emin Apart Pension , Seymen Hotel , Kum Butik Hotel , Asyam Hotel and Timur Hotel . General information about accommodation in Amasra and details of our hotel recommendations Where to stay in Amasra You can read our article.

I shared information about Amasra which is one of the most beautiful sightseeing points of our country. I wish you a pleasant time in Amasra.

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