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Tek başına Edinburgh turu

Edinburgh , one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, consisting of hills with its back to the sea, is one of the ideal destinations for those who wish to travel alone. The New Town District, one of the rare examples of neoclassical elegance with the Old Town Region, adorned by medieval buildings, screaming arasında Explore me yer, is one of the city’s most popular places. There are also ghost stories associated with Edinburgh tek Nightlife, pubs, museums and parks, not as much as other European cities ları In short, those who want to tour Edinburgh alone can find everything they want in this charming northern city.

Why Edinburgh Tour Alone

Lonely traveler in Edinburgh tour alone

In fact, before I give information about Edinburgh, let me tell you why I recommend a solo tour to Edinburgh. In fact, let me tell you the matter, a clearer picture of your eyes should be drawn.

. Security first . Central and Western European cities are generally safe, but Edinburgh can easily enter the top five. In Edinburgh, one of the safest cities in the world, you can travel any day and night without any problems. It is enough to take basic security measures, you do not need any extra effort.

For travelers who prefer to stay in the hostel in the name of socializing when traveling alone, there are many hostel options which are clean, safe and even luxurious.

The city’s touristic diversity is also very much. Some cities, perhaps as a result of their marketing policies, attract tourists from certain countries or regions. For example; Alanya is usually the Germans, Bodrum, such as the arrival of the British. Edinburgh is a city where tourists don’t dominate any group of tourists, from around the world, from every race and from every age, a tourist melts. This is ideal for those who are on a tour of Edinburgh alone.

olmakla birlikte Amsterdam, Berlin gibi diğer Avrupa kentlerine kıyasla daha sakin. Even though it is nightlife , it is quieter than other European cities like Amsterdam and Berlin. There are even those who wish to travel alone, if they wish to socialize, if they want to relax and spend their own nights.

çok kolay. Public transportation was very convenient and the navigation in town was very easy. You can also choose to walk or bike if you want to use the city bus or tram, which is a great choice for those who want to tour Edinburgh alone.

It is easy and enjoyable to spend time alone in Edinburgh. I’m going to talk about it later, but if you want, you can go to a park and lie on the lawn, or visit historical buildings and museums, such as Edinburgh Castle, or the Scottish whiskey tasting tours. The only thing you can be sure of is; not necessarily need a friend.

Edinburgh Tour by Princes Street Garden

But let alone the disadvantages of Edinburgh tour. Yes, unfortunately there is also a disadvantage, it is prices . The height of the pound is known to be high, and this is a bit expensive in Edinburgh.

The lack of a friend or group of friends to divide costs is a bit of a nuisance. However, if your budget suffices to overcome this distress, my only suggestion is sıkıntı don’t stop Ancak.

Edinburgh Tour alone

How much is the tour of Edinburgh alone

Speaking of ready prices, let me tell you about the Edinburgh tour budget.

If you don’t insist on staying in a private room , I would say the hostel is too much. Their central location and clean, comfortable, quality of the average per night bed varies between 25 to 30 pounds . With a little research you can also get a safe stay at a price of 20 pounds.

Edinburgh tour alone Royal Mile

masrafları elbette kişiden kişiye çok değişken. The costs of eating are very variable. I’ll give you an average price to give you ideas.

Even if you eat 3 meals a day, even if you have affordable snacks, and you drink 1iz2 beers, you should allocate a daily budget of 25 yes30 Pounds . If you eat 2 meals a day (such as me, for example) and don’t drink alcohol every day, which is one of the two meals included in the stay, you can reduce these costs to around 15 Pounds .

Tourist attractions such as museums and castles are ücretsiz Yes some are free , but those who are paid are around 15-20 Pounds . On the other hand, there are many free walking tours in different routes in the city. Even if you don’t enter into these tours, you can see the most important structures of the city from the outside and you can get information about them from a guide.

Things to Do in Edinburgh

Places to visit in Edinburgh alone

Live evidence of history is present in Edinburgh, which has served as the political and cultural capital of Scotland for nearly a thousand years.

The Old Town’s narrow streets, the relatively modern buildings and shops of the 18th-century New Town give the city a breathtaking mix of old and very old.

In fact, you can read detailed information about the sights and activities of this city in Edinburgh . However, I would like to mention briefly here that you can choose the most interesting ones that are waiting for you in the city as a solo traveler.

Edinburgh tour alone Holyrood Palace Edinburgh

‘daki en önemli turistik yer olan Royal Mile Yolu’ndan bahsetmek istiyorum. First of all, I would like to talk about the Royal Mile Road, the most important touristic place in Old Town . Already between Edinburgh Castle and the Holyrood Palace , this road hosts many of the most important tourist attractions in the city.

The 12th-century Edinburgh Castle is in front of the Royal Mile , watching Prince Street Park and Old Town from behind. The castle, which was the Royal Residence of Scotland until 1603, was attacked many times during the Scottish War of Independence, but it still stands today in all its glory.

The Holyrood Palace at the end of the road is the official residence of the British Royal Family and the present Queen in Scotland. The palace, which is still used in the official invitations of the monarchy, is also open to touristic visits.

This road also has a 13th century St. Giles Cathedral, the famous Scottish The Scotch Whiskey Experience Museum, where you can be making about information obtain and whiskey tastings of whiskey, photo art dedicated and interesting photos taken with Camera Obscura museum with various illustrations, Scotland’s dedicated to the writer as a gift to the world and the author of paintings, sketches and manuscripts Writer’s Museum, where you can see your personal belongings, and the Greyfriars Kirk Church , dating back to the 17th century.

Old Edinburgh Old Town

I would also like to talk about Mary King’s Close in a separate paragraph. The city of Edinburgh is famous for its ghost stories.

Mary King’s Close in the Royal Mile is a kind of underground city where you can experience these ghost stories with guided tours. Edinburgh’s rich culture of horror stories, hidden secrets and stories of the city are described in this round, and interactive experiences make it a realistic experience.

The town’s New Town district is ideal for exploring the streets, sightseeing and enjoying the cafes.

Edinburgh Tour Program

Plan your trip to Edinburgh alone

örnek bir tur programı vereceğim ama öncesinde ücretsiz yürüyüş turlarından da bahsetmek istiyorum. In fact, I would give a 3 day sample tour for those who would like to take a tour of Edinburgh alone, but I would like to talk about the free walking tours before. Because these tours are free (at the end of the tour, you tip the guide as you see fit), it is an ideal socialization environment for both budget friendly and bored people.

I have mentioned that there are quite a number of free walking tours in Edinburgh. The common feature of these tours, which are different in their routes, is to show the participants from outside the city with a 2 or 3 hour walk and give information about them. I agree with a minimum of 1 free walking tour on my European travels and would recommend it to you in Edinburgh. Your options are;

And let’s come to the tour I would recommend to those who want to explore the city alone ğ.

First Day of Edinburgh Tour

Edinburgh Tour alone Shortbread

I would suggest that you wake up in Edinburgh on the first day and join one of the free Old Town walking tours. Thus, you will make a discovery in this region where tourist attractions are collected. On the evening of the same day you can get another free walking tour which, if it is one of the ghost tours, cannot be eaten by taste.

Between these two walking tours you can visit Edinburgh Castle . You have to go to the Pinnies & Poppy Seeds in the Old Town, although you may have time, which will probably remain. At the moment you enter through the door, you must taste the homemade versions of the famous Scottish biscuit Shortbread at the patisserie, which will welcome you with its delicious butter scent.

You can also dine on the first day at one of the cafés on the Royal Mile or on the side streets. They even have pub-style extremely enjoyable places to suit every budget, especially on Cockburn Street.

Edinburgh Tour Second Day

Edinburgh Tour by Calton hill

The ideal morning to spend a few hours at Prince Street Gardens . Take the coffee and delicious desserts of Fountain Cafe in the park, sit on the sun loungers in the greenery, read a little book and enjoy some morning music by listening to some music.

In the afternoon, head over to Calton Hill to see Edinburgh from the top and then visit the Holyrood Palace.

My recommendation for dinner is the train station near The Booking Office JD Wetherspoon . This place is a very nice cafe where you can have a quick snack and enjoy a long meal.

Edinburgh Tour Third Day

Edinburgh tour alone Loch Ness lake

For the last day, I advise you to go out of Edinburgh. Why not explore the surrounding areas by taking part in half-day tours around the city?

  • Loch Ness, Glencoe and Highlands Tour
  • Edinburgh Loch Lomond, Trossachs and Stirling Castle Tour

If you have options like that, I would recommend the Loch Ness and Highlands tour.

Last day’s dinner is served in the New Town area. Especially on George Street , you can find many fine examples of international cuisine such as Indian, Thai, Italian and seafood.

Transportation Through Edinburgh Tour

Local city transportation throughout Edinburgh

Transportation in Edinburgh is extremely easy. First of all the attractions are very close to each other, but if you need to use public transportation, buses and trams are a reasonably priced and comfortable option.

There is a Havas-like shuttle bus between the airport and the city center.

Edinburgh Tour for Travelers

Security in Edunburg

olacaktır. After the budget, which will do the tour in Edinburgh alone will security issues will most attention. U But I can say that Edinburgh is safer than many cities in the world. It is sufficient to take the basic security measures listed below;

  • Staying on deserted streets late at night,
  • Not to drink too much alcohol when you go out alone,
  • Using a backpack or messenger bag, attaching them in a way that cannot be easily removed while walking on the street,
  • Storing your money and credit cards in a few different places,
  • Keeping your valuables in a locked cupboard during your hostel’s stay.

Accommodation Suggestions for Edinburgh Touring Tourists

Accommodation and hotels in Edinburgh alone

For those who would like to tour Edinburgh alone, I would recommend two areas for accommodation. Old Town and New Town . It is possible to find clean and comfortable hotels and hostels in both. There are even 5-star hostel.

I would particularly recommend this tour to those who are on a tour of Edinburgh alone, as they are affordable and offer the opportunity to meet and socialize with other travelers traveling alone. Let’s come to my suggestions Gel

Bayan, erkek ve karma odaları bulunan The Boxter Hostel tren istasyonunun hemen yanında, havaalanına giden shuttle otobüslerin durağına yürüyerek birkaç dakika mesafede, Old Town’dan ise 10 dakikalık bir yürüme mesafesinde. The Baxter Hostel: The Boxter Hostel , with its female, male and mixed rooms, is right next to the train station, a few minutes’ walk from the shuttle bus stop to the airport and a 10-minute walk from the Old Town. The street where it was located was also safe at night.

The facility is very clean, the staff are also helpful and friendly, they take time and give detailed information about the city. The hostel has a small, clean kitchen, which is the center of socialization. Breakfast is included in the price of the beds and they offer a hearty breakfast with omelets, toast, jams, juice and tea. The only downside is that the rooms and showers are a bit narrow.

Karma ve bayan yatakhaneleri olan Haystack Hostel Waverly Tren İstasyonu’na yakın bir başka seçenek. Haystack Hostel: Mixed and female dorms with Haystack Hostel is another option close to the Waverly Rail Station. So its location is extremely advantageous.

A hearty breakfast is served in the hostel and there is a kitchen and a dining room for guests to prepare their meals if they wish, or to socialize with other guests. The rating of the is 9 which is the common point that everyone is pleased with the staff.

  • Click here to review the hostel and make a reservation.

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