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Kaş Antalya

Clear sea like glass, pink – streets lined with white bougainvillea, balconied houses in the garden, restaurants cute from each other, olive trees and surrounded by beaches and vacation you add color to activities with kartposttal will not be called has a beauty eyebrows . The most beautiful, most striking colors of nature in harmony with a unique holiday in Antalya – Kas promises a peaceful holiday to visitors. Dive into the midday sun at the hammock by the sea, breathe the clean air of the Mediterranean, travel to the bays of the shoreline boats in Limanağzı, make dreams by looking at the lights of Meis Island at night, and leave everything behind and you want to be reset.

Generally located in the center, Küçükçakıl and the Çukurbağ Peninsula , Kaş hotels will give you the comfort and comfort of your home. After the hustle and bustle of the big cities, the silence here, the atmosphere of the smell of peace, will be processed and filled with impossible happiness.

Things to Do in Kas

Uzun Bazaar: Many of you are familiar with Kaş Long Bazaar before you leave, because you will see almost every postcard about the region, on every photograph and on the souvenirs of Uzun Çarşı. Side by side with bay windows lined up in this quaint market. On the lower floor of the houses are usually souvenir shops, designer shops and elegant boutiques. During your holiday in Kas, you will love this little bazaar, which will often be your way.

Things to Do in Kas
Long Market

Limanağzı: It is home to the most popular bay of Kaş. Small boats depart from the marina in the bazaar in 15 – 20 minutes. All coves are intertwined with nature. Olive trees, giant cactuses, colorful wildflowers, tree-lined hammocks, glass-like sea and clear air thanks to you will be addicted here.

Büyükçakıl Beach: Kaş is located two kilometers from the center of Büyükçakıl Beach. It is about 50 meters long and rocky on both sides. Water is slightly cooler than other beaches because of the source water coming out of the sea.

Kaputaş: It is not only Kaş’s color but also the color of the Mediterranean. It is located between Kaş and Kalkan and can be reached with 192 steps. Kaputaş will fascinate you with the color, atmosphere and foam foam waves of the sea which turns golden turquoise from blue to turquoise. When you are there, you will feel like you are wandering through a fairy tale.

Kas Antique Theater: The history of Kas Antique Theater, which has a breathtaking view of the sea and which sheds light on history, dates back to BC. It dates back to the 1st century. The theater that defies centuries is one of the most important buildings of Antiphellos Antique City.

Küçükçakıl Beach: Kaş is located in the center, in the area where hotels and hostels are located. It is a beach surrounded by small pebbles. As the spring water reaches the sea in this region, the water is a bit cold, but from the moment you get used to it you will not want to leave the sea.

If you are considering a long vacation; You should also visit Kalkan , Demre , Saklikent and Patara .

Kaputas Beach Kas
Kaputas Beach

Things to Do in Kas

Paragliding: Paragliding is one of the reasons for the increase in popularity in recent years. Because those who are fond of this sport often undergoes paragliding to Kas during the season. If you want to embrace the sky, the clouds, watch the unique beauties of the Mediterranean from the hill and feel your freedom until you soak, you must try the paragliding paragliding with expert instructors.

Boat Trip: Go on vacation in Kaş, without a boat tour, without visiting the beautiful bays and turquoise waters do not return without kanyçay.tekne tour Kekova one of the most popular stops; Nature is a heaven on earth where history is integrated and you can see every shade of blue.

Diving: An activity that is as popular as paragliding in Kaş and its surroundings is diving. This is not only in Turkey, the world is one of the most important field of diving center. If you want to see the old shipwrecks of the Mediterranean and the submarine that captures you, Kas is the one you are looking for.

Kaş boat tour

What to Eat in Antalya’s Eye Baby? What to Drink?

Those who love the Mediterranean herbs, fish varieties and salads will never have any difficulty eating in Kas. Especially fish lovers will never be hungry in this quaint town because almost every street is beautiful, 2 – 3 fish restaurants are next to each other in the garden. Acorn, grouper, mullet, coral and lobster come among the most consumed ones.

The thyme tea and sage that grow in the lush mountains of Antalya and the scented tea is also used as a spice in food. You must buy the return of the holiday.

Shopping in Kas

I went to Kaş a dozen times and I couldn’t stand it all the time. As far as I can see, many local and foreign tourists prefer these bags as gifts. In Kaş’s minnak bazaar, you often find designer shops, beautiful boutiques, souvenir shops and jewelry stalls.

Variety of magnets, colorful jewelry, cloth bags, smells of thyme, local clothing and postcards come among the most preferred souvenirs.

If you’ve arrived in Kas and have a passport with you, stop by the travel agents in the bazaar, take your Schengen visa and take a day trip to Meis Island . You will never regret it, and even as you step into the island, you will dream of the next holiday.

Eyebrow Shopping

Where to stay in Kas?

If you wish, you can stay in the center of Kaş or in the Çukurbağ Peninsula. Lycia Hotel , Hotel Kayahan , Cinar Hotel , Saylam Suites and Lukka Exclusive Hotel are some of the most preferred hotels in this area. Where to stay in Kas You can read our article.

Where to stay in Hotel Kayahan Kaşta
Hotel Kayahan is one of the most preferred facilities in Kaş.

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